D&D Transport offers one of the largest distribution centers in east central Mississippi with convenient access to major highways, railways and an airport. Take a look at some of the other conveniences we offer:

  • Our seamless service:

    • We pick up at your dock

    • We deliver, receive and store in our warehouse

    • We process through our distribution systems

    • We ship to your customer

  • Served by all national and regional LTL carriers

  • Truckload services

    • Local

    • Regional

    • National

  • Located near the airport and minutes from UPS and FedEx

  • Prepare bills of lading and associated shipping papers

  • Prepare labels and apply to cartons and pallets

  • Immediate access to I-20 and I-59

  • Computerized warehouse management system

  • Racking system to keep product damage-free

  • JIT services


Value-added Services

  • Re-Pack (Bulk to Single)

  • Pick and Pack

  • Palletize and Stretch Wrap

  • Promotional Items

  • Point of Sales Display

  • Assembly



Pickup and Delivery 
  • Same Day up to 250 miles

  • Next Day up to 500 miles

  • Second Day up to 750 miles


Rework Services
  • Sorting

  • Inspection

    1. Cosmetic

    2. Mechanical

  • Repair

    1. Electronic & Mechanical

    2. Cosmetic & Functional


  • Unload

  • Palletize

  • Label

  • Store

  • Deliver

Reverse Distribution
  • Repairs

  • Disassemble and scrapping of Products

  • Return Goods Management